Website Design & Development

Website Development

I offer a wide range of services in this area from 1 page brochure websites to large fully database driven websites. I use the latest web technologies and keep up to date with this ever changing environment.

All the websites that I create are bespoke designed and coded from scratch in HTML5 and CSS3, I never use templates unless its specifically requested for a particular reason.

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Development

Due to the increasing amount of people viewing websites on their mobile phones these days it is important that websites display content effectively to someone using a handheld device.

I can develop fully specialised mobile websites, create adaptive or responsive website designs to new or pre-exiting websites to allow them to be accessible across a wide range of devices.

Content Management Systems


Content Management Systems(CMS) allow anyone without HTML or programming knowledge to easily update their website quickly allowing you to get on with other aspects of your business.

I have developed my own bespoke CMS which is lightweight, simple to use and friendly to new clients who may have never used a cms before. I deploy this with my full cms website package and it is tailor made to your bespoke designed website. Click Here to take a tour

I also have knowledge and develop websites with open source CMS's primary wordpress and drupal, I generally use these when complex projects and large scale websites are required with large amount of features, this is beneficial to clients as it keeps costs down.

Ecommerce Websites

ecommerce website

I create ecommerce websites in two ways depending on the requirements of the client.

For simple webcart solutions I have develeoped a module for my bespoke cms which is great for existing websites looking to sell a few products via payement gateways paypal or google checkout.

For fully Dedicated Ecommerce Stores requiring hundreds of products I develop with powerful open source web solutions. These are feature packed and capable of running the most intensive ecommerce websites out there.

Search Engine Friendly Websites & Analytics

search engine friendly

I create search engine friendly websites that allow for search engines to pickup the content effectively and produce site friendly urls, meta tags, meta descriptions and header tags which all help get your website ranked higher.

I can implement google analytics and website stat's so that you can monitor your websites progress and see how many people have viewed your website.

I am however not a SEO expert as this takes true dedication and a genuine SEO expert primary specialises in this field alone. I do not provide a fully SEO service and please be careful of some web developers that claim this.

Social Network Integration

social network

Social networking can help your business become noticed and i can integrate your website in a number of ways to work with the existing social networking services.

PSD Converted To HTML5/CSS3

psd to html

Already have a website designed in a Photoshop Document / PSD format but don't have the skills to code it out to HTML5 and CSS3?

I can take a layered photoshop document and turn it into a functional website to the W3C Standards. I can also work with other formats sometimes depending on the design but please contact me and ask.

HTML Email & Newsletter Development

Html email and newsletters

Email marketing campaigns and newsletters allow you to target your existing customers and keep them upto date on new features, news or products. This can also help draw more traffic to your website and keep your customers browsing new areas of your website

I can create attractive looking HTML email and newsletter templates that allow you to update the copy content and use multiple times that get the attention of your customers.

Web Games & Applications

web games and apps

Have an idea for a web application or HTML5 game then please get in touch and we can discuss it. Small HTML5 games can help promote your website or business and can be effectively used within marketing campaigns and advertising products.

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