Hello my name is Mark Harrison and I am a 28 year old Freelance Web Developer based around the Newcastle Upon Tyne area. I live in Dudly, Cramlington which is a small village on the northumberland border of the united kingdom.

I started creating websites back in 2005 as personal hobby as i wanted my own website. I found myself hooked instantly and I decided I wanted to progress my skills further so I enrolled at Northumbria University on a computer science course. After years of study I graduated in 2010 with a BSc Honors degree in applied computing.

Why Did I Go Freelance ?

I started doing odd freelance projects whilst i was at university inbetween my studies and i liked the independence of working on my own. After I graduated university I found that the jobs market had changed for the worse in the northeast and I was only picking up temporary positions as well as freelancing on the side.

In 2012 my wife fell pregnant and we had a beautiful baby son called Matthew. With my wife having a permanent secure job i decided to become a stay at home daddy and raise the little one (why not it happens these days), this give me the perfect opportunity to also get up and running properly doing freelance website development full time which i loved as well as spending important time with my son.

The Present

I am now fully up and running working with a range of loverly clients and agencies to complete their projects. I have not stopped my learning of new skills and I am keeping up to date with new technologies and software as they become available. In my spare time when I am not working on client projects I am thinking of new ideas and developing new tools which will be beneficial to my future and existing clients. I have tried to judge my skills fairly as I possibly can below.

The Planning Stage:

This stage involves getting to know your business and your requirements for the new project. I will draw up a project specification, mock designs and wire frame diagrams for your website.

The Design Stage:

This stage involves creating a full design for your application, creating graphical images, Logo integration and then any design revisions to overall presentation.

The Development:

This stage involves the actual building of your application, I will use technology's like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySql to complete your project.

Testing Stage:

After the Initial functionality has been added I will test the application for bugs and do any fixes, improvements, revisions and code validation.

The Publish Stage:

The Final Stage is where i deliver your project as requested. This includes uploading website files, setting up databases and testing your new website on the server.

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